Bitsgap Review

Before you use Bitsgap, you need to create an account. Although it does not perform KYC checks, the exchanges you pair it with will perform these. Then, you will need to enter your API Key and Secret Key. Both of these keys can be found in your account security settings, or on your exchange’s website. However, be aware that some third-party trading bots experience these same issues.

The Bitsgap trading bot is cloud-based, allowing you to monitor hundreds of cryptocurrency pairs and use them to your advantage. The Bitsgap bot is constantly monitoring the market and presenting you with opportunities based on price anomalies and growth potential. Additionally, the bot allows you to filter the opportunities based on exchange, signal strength, and detection time. This helps you manage your risk. In addition, Bitsgap doesn’t require installation on your device, making it perfect for use on the go.

While Bitsgap does charge a fee for its services, the fees for the bot are reasonable. However, this software may be expensive for small traders. Pionex, on the other hand, offers a free trading bot but charges a 0.05% transaction fee and withdrawal fees. However, if price is your primary concern, it is best to choose a different robot. But don’t just pick any trading bot based on price alone – make sure it has many features to help you trade profitably.

The Bitsgap trading bot is easy to use, and it is easy on the eyes. You can choose from the desktop or mobile app versions, and you can set it up in the comfort of your own home. If you’re looking for an automated trading bot, you should consider Bitsgap if you want to experience profits when the price of a currency decreases. It is not suitable for every market, as it is only designed for neutral and swing markets.

The downside of Bitsgap trading bot is that it requires an advanced level of knowledge in order to be profitable. It has an enormous range of options and can make or break a trading strategy if configured incorrectly. However, if you have a firm grasp of the market and know how to use it, you can enjoy maximum profit from it. You can also try Bitsgap futures trading, which allows you to buy and sell perpetual contracts with borrowed funds.

Moreover, Bitsgap trading bots are also equipped with a stop loss function, which enables them to exit the trade once the desired profit level has been reached. The trailing stop loss feature allows you to set a percentage of profits you want to make, depending on the market, and it will also close your orders if the price drops below your stop loss level. You can also set stop loss orders, which are necessary in cryptocurrency trading. They automatically stop your trading activity once you start accumulating losses.

As an example, Bitsgap supports 25 different exchanges, including some of the most popular. It also offers a futures trading option, which lets you hedge spot trades. The trading bot’s advanced backtesting feature actively optimizes its pre-configured trading strategies for maximum profitability and minimum risk. It also lets you choose your trading pairs and exchanges from a variety of exchanges. These features are very useful for beginners and experts alike.