Kidnap is about one mother’s heroic attempt to get back her son who got kidnapped in a park. Karla McCoy is a single mother earning a living as a waitress at a diner, brought her son to a walk in the park one afternoon when her son suddenly disappears after being kidnapped by a couple.

Without a cell phone and had no time to call police, she jumped in her car after she saw the couple in their car taking off with her son and sets off in pursuit of the kidnappers. What follows is a relentless chase on the Louisiana freeways and byways which keeps you at the edge of your seat – somewhat.

While Halle Berry portrayed very well the distraught single mom going after the kidnappers that took her son, the movie did not work very well. It did not have the visual style and drama of a car chase drama like Sandra Bullock’s Speed; it switches between low and high speed chases without any rhyme or reason. It should have been an adrenaline-pumping ride.

Kidnap is a low-budget genre movie where they could have skimped on the car chase scenes but not on the screenplay which is horrible; the plot is predictable and the whole movie looks like a movie made for TV. The only saving grace is Oscar-winning actress Halle Berry’s performance which is fierce but even a good performance cannot overcome the lack of good writing to make a movie work.

It stars Halle Berry as single mom Karla McCoy, Sage Correa as son Frankie McCoy, directed by Luis Prieto and written by Knate Lee from Aviron Pictures. is one such site where you can find this movie in addition to lots of others. Get the best iptv subscription for your tv and enjoy.